Lawmaker Trying To Bring Back Firing Squads

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A Utah lawmaker plans to introduce a proposal that would bring back firing squads for the death penalty rather than using lethal injection. On Monday he appeared on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show to explain why he feels it would be beneficial.

“After what happened in Oklahoma, I mean, you’re not going to mess up a firing squad, right?” the host asked state Rep. Paul Ray (R).

“The only mess-up we had was in 1897, and we’ve got it right every time since then,” Ray responded.

His theory is that the state would be able to fall back on the firing squads should the Supreme Court rule that lethal injections can’t be used anymore or if Utah wasn’t able to get their hands on the drug cocktail. He then explained that even though people were saying that the execution in Oklahoma was “botched” it still proved to be effective.

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“I don’t know if you can call it botched because he still died,” he said.

Hannity jumped in to say that the lethal injection failed then Ray added “And I don’t feel bad the guy suffered. I mean, look what he did to that little girl.”

Hannity then asked the lawmaker how it’s even possible to improperly perform an execution, wondering how it could get screwed up.

“You could have given him a hot shot of heroin and he would have died. I mean, anything. That doesn’t seem that hard to me,” Hannity said.

“You’re dealing with people who don’t have the expertise on this, and it’s a new cocktail,” Ray replied about the doctors who administer the lethal drugs.

One thing is for certain, a bullet costs just a few cents whereas this drug cocktail is expensive so the firing squad would definitely save money.

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