2 Videos Summarize Obama’s Scandals Perfectly

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Throughout the many scandals we’ve seen emerge from the Obama Administration there have been many similarities. One of which is that he always manages to find out about them through the news, another is that he’s always “outraged” when he hears about them, and finally nothing ever gets done.

The two videos shown here summarize this chain of events perfectly, and offer us excellent insight into how the scandal with the VA hospitals is going to play out.

If you’re unfamiliar, the latest scandal with the VA involved putting veterans on a secret waiting list in order for them to receive treatment. The kicker here is that Obama was notified about this back in 2008, however now he’s saying that he just found out about it through the news and that he’s “outraged” by it. Fitting, given his history of doing the same thing with other scandals.

Yet Again, Obama Claims He Learned Of Most Recent Scandal From The News

The first video (above) is clips of Obama telling news outlets how he found out about various scandals, such as the conservative targeting at the Internal Revenue Service, the same way we all do through the media. One can’t help but wonder what type of leadership this is where the President of the most powerful nation on the planet finds out about scandals within his own administration from the news?

The second video (below) is clips of Obama and his staffers talking about how “outraged” Obama was at the scandals. We’ve all definitely heard that before, yet he never seems to do anything at all about them. In fact, there hasn’t even been a single person fired to date because of these scandals, so how bad is his outrage?

Judging by how past scandals were dealt with, we can assume that as the VA scandal heats up we’ll get the same type of response from Obama and his administration in the past. Fake outrage, followed by “heads will roll,” followed by no action whatsoever after the initial storm has cleared, care to place bets?

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