New FEMA Camps EXPOSED: Prison Barges

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As the current administration continues to creep toward outright tyranny it seems that many American’s trigger fingers have become a bit twitchier these days. In an effort to preemptively thwart such a reaction to government oppression, it seems that the government has been working long and hard to prepare a special place for the most patriotic of Americans, otherwise known as FEMA camps.

Most recently discovered however is a set of brand new, and innovative detainment centers that oddly enough, float on water. They’re what’s known as prison barges, and they’re nothing new.

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Prison barges are exactly what they sound like in that they are stationary platforms that float on water while holding a prison afloat. Atop the platforms are several levels of “housing” for prisoners deemed too dangerous for freedom

What’s even more shocking is that it appears that the U.S. government has recruited the help of Google in the process in order to avoid suspicion. Since 2010, the search engine giant has suspiciously built 4 massive vessels they call, “Google Barges.”


They are cheaply made as several shipping containers are simply welded together to complete the overall rectangular shape. As Google has yet to announce what exactly these barges were built for, or why the company felt the need to spend money in such a way, the wait has led to much speculation.

As one could imagine, a barge makes for an optimal prison setting; plenty of surrounding room in case someone tries to escape, clear view for miles, no need for security fences and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, Google has recently displayed its overall acceptance with the government and their NSA snooping wherein they announced they would be releasing demographic data for the cause.


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Who else knows what else they agreed to release while in the secretive back room as well.

Either way, one thing is clear, when in the pursuit of creating a “luxury” showroom vessel – as they claim – one would think a bit more money would be spent rather than cheaply built and readily available shipping containers. What do you guys think though – would this surprise you? Let us know in the comments below.

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