Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Obama: Guess Who Obama Golfed With Over The Weekend?

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During the 2012 presidential election Obama was an ardent critic of Mitt Romney’s time with the “evil” corporation called Bain Capital, using it to attempt to paint Romney as some sort of corporate whore who couldn’t possibly have the best interests of the middle class in his heart. Well it’s funny what a couple of years and millions of dollars can do to change a man’s views.

One of Obama’s campaign promises was to keep lobbyists at a distance from his administration so they had less of a chance of influencing policy. Combine that with Obama’s constant rhetoric against the corporate world and his penchant for lying to the American people and you have the recipe for a great story about hypocrisy, as we have here.

While Obama presses his narrative about income inequality he continues to golf at exclusive resorts that only allow the most elite of the elite on the course, like Robert Trent Golf Club where he hit the links over the weekend. However as if that wasn’t hypocritical enough you’ll never guess who was a part of his group, a man by the name of Joe O’Neil who’s a lobbyist for guess who? Bain Capital, nice right?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Obama.

So remember folks, all of his talk about lobbyists doesn’t really apply to him, okay? While we’re at it, all the talk about evil corporations doesn’t apply to him, okay? Oh I almost forgot, it’s also okay for him to enjoy lavish vacations and expensive golf outings while doing everything he can to demonize the “1%”, okay?

What a fraud this guy is.

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