Welfare Queen Makes Living By Having Kids, 9 So Far And 2 On The Way

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Truly indicative of the times we live, a mother has recently been exposed as using her body to promote her freeloading and lackadaisical lifestyle. Of course, this couldn’t be done alone so she has recruited the help of her husband where together they procreate in order to ensure themselves a salary.

Liam and Nancy have decided to live the life of ease, and in order to do so, they’ve dragged 9 children – so far – into existence to help carry out their plan. She is currently pregnant with twins, which she reports will finally bring her welfare wages to just over $67,000 a year.

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They currently live in house where children are packed by twos into their beds where they sleep in deplorable conditions. According to the children, their rooms are very hot in the summer and visa versa in the winter where their rooms become quite cold.

Liam even takes one camera into his daughter’s bedroom where mold spans the entire room, running up and down the walls. One can only imagine how sick his children are on a daily basis as his youngest daughter sleeps mere inches from the mold.

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The couple complains that they do not like their neighbors and has spoken out for help from the public in order to get a bigger, and nicer place. If you ask me, the public has already done enough for these folks.

What do you guys think is the adequate way in dealing with society’s bottom feeders? Let us know in the comments below.

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