Thug Brings Woman To The Brink Of Death With Kick To The Face

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Several members of a delinquent group were caught on tape last year as they ravaged a town and robbed dozens of people on the street. Perhaps the most disturbing footage surfaced as one thief kicked a woman in her face so hard that she lied on the floor for 5 minutes unconscious and almost died.

The incidents allegedly occurred last year in San Francisco amongst gay pride celebrations. A group of thugs decided to take to the streets and steal from whomever they wanted where they hit at least 20 different strangers.

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One such attack was caught outside a store where a man is seen walking away from a woman on the floor. As she began to get up, the man turned around and punted her in the face causing her to fly back onto the concrete where she remained unconscious for the next five minutes.

That man was sentenced last week to 6 years in prison for his crimes and two of his cohorts are scheduled for sentencing next week as well.

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