Birther Theory Gaining Traction With Latest Discoveries


May 19, 2014 11:29am PST

The birther conspiracy has been a long and heated debate amongst the American people, but it appears that the conversation may just blow wide open. Recently discovered were several facts regarding Obama’s citizenship status that were so severe, it got at least one investigative journalist fired from his position.

Just last month we reported of a YouTube user who discovered that the PDF that contains Obama’s “legitimate” birth certificate was comprised of several layers. For those of you unclear of what this means, it is definitive proof that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

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When documents are scanned into a computer, it is comprised of one layer – it looks like a picture, thus you can’t dissect the image. When creating a document however, several images are layered upon one another to get the desired effect – which, for some reason, Obama’s has readily available.

More recently however, more evidence has been brought forward that suggests that he is, in fact, not a natural born American citizen. Playing off a different aspect of the theory, several investigators have started to take a peek at Obama’s college history.

Now, we all know he went to college, as several of his classmates came forward saying he attended Occidental College. However, they all seem to convey that he was a lackadaisical student and drug user that didn’t get good grades.


Seeing how this is the case, it is wondered how such a student was able to get himself into Columbia University. Of course, when it comes to Columbia, no classmates were able to come forward to say that they had classes with him there – an odd fact seeing how easy it was to find several from his previous university.

Seeing how he’s afraid to show his grades from Columbia university, one can only suspect one of two things – either he got equally pitiful grades, or something a more devious. If it is because of his poor grades, then the question is yet again brought up asking how such an unsatisfactory pupil was able to get into Harvard Law School.

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If not – and here’s where the theory gets good – there’s only one more suitable option that Obama would have for not wanting the public to see his transcripts – he came as a foreign student. This notion is further verified that in 1981, he went on a trip to Pakistan where he entered the country with a friend.

The only problem here is, American’s weren’t allowed to enter the country with a U.S. passport at the time leaving his story or his citizenship claims a lie. Which one do you think it is? Let us know in the comments below.


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