Harry Reid Trying To Limit Freedom Of Speech

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In a truly astounding announcement, surely indicative of Liberal agenda, Harry Reid has announced that he will be pushing an effort to amend the First Amendment and ultimately limit the freedom of speech. It should be no surprise that after his Koch addiction reared its ugly head the many times over the past few weeks, that Reid is trying to limit Republicans from donating “too much” money to the GOP.

A vote is set to take place in the Senate on June 3 to determine whether or not the right to speak freely regarding politics is acceptable. We’ve already seen the lengths to which Reid will go to in order to get his way – and ensure it stay that way – back when he enacted the nuclear option.

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Now striving to add the 28th Amendment that will read something along the lines of:

Congress shall have power to regulate the raising and spending of money and in-kind equivalents with respect [to] the Federal elections … [and] State elections.

Now, Reid is arguing that because certain entities – ahem, the Koch brothers – donate so much money into certain parties – ahem, the GOP – its gives one part an unfair advantage over the other. Oh, boo-hoo. Reid is effectively in the process of limiting the Koch brothers, in particular, right to express their political views, which is clearly outlined under the First Amendment.

Despite Reid’s long past of voting against amending the Constitution, this particular vote is breaking the mold. As Reid shows his hypocritical mindset and the selfish desire for party survival, it’s hard to understand why an ideal such as this would even be entertained.

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Its now so hard when you look at Reid’s track record however that seems to demonstrate Liberal bias even over American heritage and culture without second though. Perhaps if Reid looked even one iota as hard at himself as he does the Koch brothers, he’d see the irony here.

Either way, seeking to destroy the constitution under the cover of legislation by ratifying something clearly protected and outlined by our forefathers from the beginning, sounds to be nothing more than treason. Don’t let us make that assertion for you though – what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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