Black Teen Brutally Bullies Defenseless White Teen

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A video shows a black teenager mercilessly bullying a defenseless white teen at a park in Rochester, New York.

The group of kids are all sitting at a picnic table while the bully is sitting beside them on his bicycle. For unknown reasons, he out of nowhere grabs the kid with red hair and wrestles him to the ground then punches him in the face.

He then gets back on his bicycle and starts circling again as his victim sits back at the table. Coming back to further taunt the kid, the bully comes around the table while still on his bike then grabs the kid’s hair and continues to ride, pulling him out of his seat again. He then drops his bike and viciously assaults the teen, who’s not even trying to fight with him.

Racist Black Girls Bullying White Toddler

At that point the other kids at the table intervened and forced him to stop with his cruel behavior.

Even though this doesn’t appear to be racially motivated, one can’t help but wonder if that was a factor. What gets me is that if the situation was reversed the white kid would be accused of being racist and more than likely charged with a hate crime, even if it was just general bullying.

With behavior like this, one can’t help but wonder what the bully’s home life is like if he thinks it’s fun to beat on someone who doesn’t have any will to fight. What’s sad is these kids grow up and act much the same way, using threats and intimidation to get their way with other people while the rest of us are civilized.

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