Hawaiian Woman Goes On Racially Charged Rant Against White Man

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This is the video a car salesman took of a Hawaiian woman taking a car for a test drive and going on a racially charged rant against him.

They’re in  a residential area, according to the man shooting the video, and she’s driving upwards of 70 MPH. He thinks it’s unsafe and asks her to slow down, and that’s when she goes off on him.

She makes a bunch of inappropriate comments towards him, and at one point even calls him a “haole,” which is a derogatory term used against white people by the native islanders. After that she compares him to her son-in-law and calls him “white trash.” All of this because he asks her to slow down.

This is an example of a minority person thinking their racist views are okay, yet if someone were to behave that way against them all hell would break loose. Comments under the original video explained that this type of attitude is common across the islands, where the native islanders dislike white people only because of their race and nothing else.

The man handled himself rather well given the situation he was in, as most wouldn’t have put up with her crap for longer than a minute.

How would you have handled it? Let us know with a comment!

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