Ghetto SCUM Gets Put In Her Place After Bullying Old Woman

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A video shows an obnoxious Atlanta hood rat bullying an old woman then getting put in her place by one of the male passengers on the train.

At the start, she appears to just be talking with the old woman behind her but then things get very strange. The woman in the hat stands up and starts rapping and jumping around like an idiot.

Her tirade carries on few a few minutes while other people on the train look on in disbelief at what they’re watching. Like how could someone honestly behave like that and actually expect to be taken seriously?

After getting tired of listening to her carry on like a moron, one of the male passengers tells her she needs to “chill out” for a minute, so she agrees then sits back down. However it wasn’t ten seconds later when she got all riled up again and started yelling at him this time.

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After accusing him of raping her, she walks down the aisle towards him and throws a temper tantrum as if she’s two. At this point the man had enough of her idiocy, so he reaches over and pulls her bandana over her face and tells her to shut up, which was mild compared to what he should have done.

After that she turned around and started saying she was going to press charges, as if the man’s action were unprovoked. She demands someone find her hat, then keeps repeating the phrase “I’m pressin charges” until the train stops and she gets off.

Seriously, people wonder why they have troubles in life and why they can’t seem to get ahead then turn around and act like a wild animal turned loose inside of a train. How can anybody who behaves in such a manner believe that they’re being oppressed or held back by anybody but themselves?

This isn’t normal or civilized behavior, and the color of your skin doesn’t give someone carte blanche to act like a complete fool and have zero respect for anybody else. The problem is those who try to point out that behavior such as this isn’t acceptable are labeled racist then destroyed by left, even though it’s common sense to most everybody.

Are you okay with people acting this way or do you think that more should be said against it? Let us know with a comment!

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