Terrifying Video Shows Police Being Ambushed While Responding To A Call

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A video shows the terrifying moment that Brazilian police are ambushed while they’re on the way to respond to a shooting incident.

The incident occurred in April of 2011 based on the time stamp on the video, and shows a vehicle with three officers in it travelling to the scene of a shooting when out of nowhere they come under fire by an unknown number of assailants.

As the officers are driving, you can see them using their radios and cell phones to presumably communicate with other officers. At around the 1:08 mark the officer in the passenger’s seat opens his door to get out of the vehicle and that’s when the ambush begins.

As the video continues, bullets can be seen hitting the vehicle and crashing through the front windshield. The officers duck to try to take cover from the gunmen, then the officer in the back seat opens his door and escapes.

The officer driving the vehicle remains hunched over, trying to stay out of view of the gunmen so he doesn’t get shot. As he’s trying to take cover the vehicle continues to be riddled with bullets, which are hitting right above his body in the seat back.

Cowering in fear of his life, the officer is forced to remain helpless in his seat in order to avoid being shot by the gunmen. He’s then able to get his seat belt unhooked and escape out of the passenger’s door to take cover.

Once he’s able to, he appears to grab the vehicle’s radio and presumably call for help. Meanwhile the vehicle is still being peppered with gunfire.

It’s unknown if the officers were able to escape without harm or capture their attackers.

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