Thug Brutally Assaults Man On Subway Tracks With An Incoming Train

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Sometimes you see a fight or someone getting assaulted and can’t help but ask what was running through the minds of whoever was involved, this was one of those times. In this video, a man viciously attacks a defenseless man lying on the tramcar tracks while there’s an incoming train.

The motivation for the attack is unclear, however it almost seems personal by the way the attacker so violently beats the man on the ground.

The video starts out with the attacker repeatedly kicking the man on the ground in spite of the fact that he’s not defending himself. As the attack continues, the man on the ground is heard screaming out in pain as his assailant mercilessly punches and kicks him.

While the beating rages on a train can be seen approaching the station on the tracks that the two men are on. However the man perpetrating the violence appears to pay no attention to it as he appears to be on a mission to murder his victim.

As the train makes its way into the station, bystanders finally intervene and break up the assault.

Luckily for the two men, the train operator saw them on the tracks and managed to stop before he hit them, however it could have been much worse if he wasn’t paying attention.

Brutality like this is a stark reminder of why we have a Second Amendment in America. Everybody should have the right to defend themselves from evil such as this so that they don’t end up a helpless victim relying on the mercy of a madman for survival, as the man in this video did.

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