Black Girls Have RAGING Battle Inside Restaurant

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It’s no secret that when a black woman gets mad those in her path better watch out, and this video is a great example of that. It shows two black girls who appear to be in their teens having a raging brawl inside a restaurant.

It starts out with the two of them brutally pounding on one another, hair in one and the other hand punching in a fit of rage. They continue to beat on each other for a moment or two before taking it to the ground, and it even looks like a third woman becomes involved for a brief second.

Once they hit the ground they both latch on to each other and refuse to let go, in spite of one or two people trying to break up the fray. Their attempts to break it up are successful, but only for a second as one of the girls immediately starts swinging again as soon as they get to their feet.

As the video continues, the girls make their way out to the parking lot where the brawl rages on even though a security guard is involved at this point. Once they’re out at the car you can see them still fiercely going at it, throwing punches around the security guard and yanking on the other’s hair then the video ends shortly after.

(White Family Savagely Attacked By Black Mob)

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