Black Man Is Hard-Core White-Supremacist

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To many people the National Socialist Party is a hate-filled group that is anti-black, anti-sematic, anti-homosexual, and basically anti-anything that’s not a white Christian which makes this video all the more odd to watch.

The man being interviewed is a New York City cab driver and was offending his passengers by wearing the traditional Nazi armband while he operated his cab, so the news station wanted to find out why.

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He explains to the interviewer that he’s not a “Nazi” per se, however he is a member of the National Socialist Party and strongly identifies with its beliefs, even though the NSP is notoriously a white-supremacist group. He even goes as far as to deny that the Holocaust ever happened and praises Hitler for what he did, strange wouldn’t you say?

Perhaps the most surprising part of this interview is how he was given softball questions about his beliefs when we all know damn well that if this had been a white man he would have been labeled a right-wing extremist, and the questions to follow would have reflected it.

The way this guy was treated is a great example of the double standard that the media has when it comes to racist beliefs. Because he’s a black man talking about Jews, Muslims, gays, etc. he was given a pass and not torn apart as white guy doing the same thing would have been.

It appears as if the character from the Dave Chappelle show “Tyrone Biggums” is actually based off a real person, and he’s in the video above.

So is this bizarre or are you okay with it? Let us know with a comment!

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