New Photos Released Showing The Devastating Effects Of Flesh Eating Krokodil

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The staff here at Mr. Conservative has reported on quite a few occasions that “poor man’s heroin,” or krokodil, is having a nasty effect on the world. As it offers a high stronger and longer lasting than heroin at just a fraction of the costs, users are ignoring the 2 year life expectancy that kicks in when they start taking the flesh eating drug for a cheaper, necessary high.

The drug is concocted using the synthetic – and cheaper – form of morphine along with a few other household items users may have lying around the house. As stated before, the drug costs only a fraction of what heroin does, but with more dangerous components in the mix such as gasoline and match heads, it has even more devastating effects.

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Krokodil is known to destroy all capillary functions leaving portions of the body starved of oxygen and literally dying. Effects will be noticed in as short as ten days where black lesions – on account of your body rotting – are seen.

Soon, users flesh begins falling off as muscle and skin deteriorate leaving the drug’s victims in excruciating pain and reaching for another syringe. Doctors have since urged addicts to stay away from the drug as it comes with a two year expiration date – of the druggie.

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In just under a couple years, those using the devastating blend will be dead with 100% consistency. To see just a few of the devastating effects the drug has had on those unlucky enough to stumble across its path, feel free to take a peek below (CAUTION: GRAPHIC):











Why would people be willing to end their lives in two short years in the simple pursuit of another high? Let us know what you think of this in a comment below.

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