TV Host Storms Off Set Over Gay NFL Kiss Controversy

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Our tolerant friends to the left have been having the times of their lives after a homosexual kiss was broadcast over national television on ESPN. Many of those Liberals however have forgotten that we have the right to express how we feel no matter who it offends.

So was the case for one TV host who was harassed so bad after speaking out about it, she simply walked off the set while still on the air.

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It all started when the four hosts of the show, “The Broadcast” began speaking about NFL draftee Michael Sam who shared a kiss with his gay lover on camera where ESPN was kind enough to show it to everyone watching.

The segment consisted of a split panel going back and forth arguing between which is to be more heaving cherished – the First Amendment right to free speech or tolerance. Now the two women who were on the side of the First Amendment strongly pushed back saying the other women didn’t have a right to say that they were in the wrong for disagreeing with the situation.

They further described what exactly they found wrong with the scenario saying that ESPN didn’t need to push that in everyone’s faces. Expressing that everyone has the right do as they see fit, she relayed that it was just unfair that the TV network crammed the controversial lifestyle down American’s throats for a ratings bump and to make a bit of “news” of their own.


Sick of the intolerant nagging, one host, Amy Kushnir, had just about enough and marched off causing an abrupt end to the discussion. Many of we Conservatives have been in similar situations when it comes to debating with our left leaning opposition – you can talk until you’re blue in the face, but you’ll never truly win.

Liberalism is deep rooted mentality that is brainwashed in from an early age complimented by the non-necessity to think for themselves causes quite the uneducated and frustrating foe. They’re called sheep for a reason and sometimes, as demonstrated by Kushnir, the only thing you can do to keep you mentality intact, is to walk away.

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One thing remains tried and true – we, as the people, have the right to express our opinions no matter how offensive. Tolerance is nothing more than a Liberal ploy to override First Amendment rights through embarrassment and shame in an effort to do nothing more than push political agenda.

What do you guys think – did she walk away because she was losing the argument, or is this something you have to do once in a while after a nonsensical debate with Liberals? Let us know in the comments below.

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