Welfare Queen Whines About Her FREE Air Conditioning

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Something sure to burn the butts of every hardworking, taxpaying American a welfare queen recently released a obscenity laced rant in which she whines about her free, government funded air conditioning.

She starts out by explaining that her air conditioning is on the highest setting in which she has even had to depress the “turbo” button. She then explains that there needs to be a “power ranger” button to make her section 8 funded housing more comfortably cool.

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Even crazier yet, the woman states that she prayed to God during the winter for warmer weather, but is now lashing out on the almighty being as now it’s too hot for her. Referring to the heat as if Satan came up from hell and placed his “a**crack” on the earth, it’s clear that this woman is probably never pleased.

The end of her rants speaks about everyone who annoys her and even her understanding of homicidal fits during the hot summer months as well.

Feel free to let this woman know exactly what you think of her bellyaching in a comment below.

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