NBA Owner Threw Racist Party With ONLY Blacks Allowed

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It’s not really a secret that in Obama’s “post-racial” America, black people are allowed to be as racist as they want while if a white person even hints at a racist remark they’re eviscerated and liberals do everything they can to destroy their lives.

Cue Donald Sterling, the man who made some racist comments and literally had his life taken from him. That was okay though, since the NBA can’t tolerate racism of any type, or can it?

As MadWorldNews points out, Jay-Z AKA Shawn Carter was an owner in the NBA from 2003 until April of 2013. During that time when he was part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, in 2010 specifically, he held a lavish party in the Merah Club in London where white people were banned from attending.

Did you read that?

That’s right, the party was only for black people involved in the music industry, reporters, and any other black people Jay-Z happened to know but not a single white person was allowed.

Isn’t that racist? After all, to ban someone from a party for the color of their skin is about as racist as you can get, right?

This just goes to show you that there is in fact a double standard and it’s the only standard liberals live by. Because without it they would have no standards at all.

(Sterling Officially Banned From The NBA)

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