Indian Father Beats Up Son Over Pregnancy Scare

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Nothing will get a parent’s heart pumping more than a pregnancy scare regarding their children. So was recently the case when a college student decided to prank his father into thinking that he had gotten a girl pregnant – except everything went horribly wrong.

The video starts out when Prateek Verma, a college student who lives in India with his parents, explains that he is going to prank his father by telling him he accidentally got a girl pregnant. He then addresses the camera saying, “Let’s see what happens,” before placing it down and calling over to his father.


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Speaking to his father, Verma says, “I need to talk to you about something.” He then asks if he remembered the girl he spoke with them about previously to which the father replied, “Yes, that b****.”

After asking his dad not to refer to the girl that way he drops the bomb that he got her pregnant. In a delayed fit of rage, the father unloads in an extremely violent manner by starting out with a swift kick.


From there, Verma is on the receiving end of several more punches and slaps as his father loses all control on account of the news. It’s only when his dad picks up a bottle and is about to beat the boy with it, that Verma reveals that it’s all a prank.

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The college student tries to console his father saying that he loves him, but the comfort seems to do no good as his dad is seemingly stunned by the whole ordeal.

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