Racist Black Dude Overstays His Welcome At Chinese Buffet

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Some people re born cheap, some are born racist, and some are both.

This video shows a man who entered a Chinese restaurant at 11:30 a.m. when they first opened and stayed there until the owners tried to kick him out around 1 p.m., which he really didn’t like.

When the owners asked the man to leave, he insisted that he wasn’t doing anything wrong and instead starting saying racially charged comments about the people even though they let him stay for far longer than they should have. Oddly enough, there’s an officer sitting there eating lunch who doesn’t once try to intervene.

As the scene continue the man continues with his racist comments, insisting that he still has the right to keep eating even though it had been a solid hour and a half since he first sat down and started.

There’s no words to describe someone who thinks they’re this entitled to something. Granted, he paid the initial price to be able to eat, however as with any other buffet you don’t make an all-day affair out of it. Instead you respect the restaurant owner and eat your fill, pay your tab, and leave.

Would you ever walk into a buffet and try to stay all day? Let us know with a comment!

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