Intolerant Liberal Likens U.S. Soldiers To “Suicide Bombers”


May 16, 2014 12:14pm PST

Well ladies and gentlemen, our tolerant friends to the left are at it again – this time likening our U.S. soldiers to that of Islamic suicide bombers.

The heinous idea comes from Joyce Carol Oates who posted it on Twitter thinking that a strategically placed question mark would shield her from the certain backlash. Needless to say – it didn’t.

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She started off the hoopla with this little beaut:


And these were just a few of well deserved responses:


bomber3  bomber2

I don’t understand how anyone – and yes that includes Liberals – would think it was ok to compare someone defending our country to that of an animal that kills himself in the most gruesome of ways so as to inflict max damage on anyone (including innocents) in the blast radius.

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Feel free to let Oates have it in the comments below.


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