Obama Thwarts Group Planning To Remove Him From Office

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According to reports, a massive protest was scheduled to happen in Washington D.C. today called “Operation American Spring.” However it appears as if it’s been stopped dead in its tracks, and so far the culprit appears to be FEMA.

According to RawStory, conservative commentator Mark Connors is just ten blocks away from the proposed rally, broadcasting from his tour bus on a live feed. However other than that, there’s no evidence of the event which was supposed to draw between 10 and 30 million people.

Connors spoke with the leader of the group, Ret. Col. Harry Riley, this morning about rumors that the Federal Emergency Management Agency was going to meet the protesters with force and remove them before it became out of hand. Riley tried to play off the rumors and explained that none of the demonstrators would be armed for the event, however it appears as if the rumors may be true.

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Several sites are trying to host a life feed to the event via USTREAM, however the feed was cut off this morning just as Riley was about to address the crowd and hasn’t been online since. In addition to the feed being down, the group’s Facebook page doesn’t have a single new post on it since May 14, and one would think they would want to remain engaged with their followers throughout the event. Unless of course they couldn’t.

What’s even more troubling about the sudden silence about the event is that there’s not a single verified photo or video that has come from it. Again, with the popularity leading up to it and the support that it had already received, one would assume that the people there would want to show the nation that they’re taking a stand against the many tyrannies we face, unless of course they can’t.

The only video that has supposedly come from the event shows a group of people gathering in front of the Washington Monument. Oddly enough, the only traffic camera that would show a crowd in that area doesn’t seem to be working right now and only broadcasts a snowy picture, as you’ll see in the embedded screen shot below.

DC Traffic

With the DHS and FEMA both working in harmony to marginalize and paint targets on the backs of Christian, conservative Americans, along with the embarrassing defeat the federal government experienced with the Bundy ranch incident, it’s highly likely that Obama sent his minions to silence the voices of dissent. After all, they went to Washington to demand the impeachment of Obama and the removal of every other tyrant in Congress and you know damned well that none of those people would allow such a thing.

The mainstream media has chosen to ignore this story and there’s a good reason why, this is more than likely the start of the silencing of dissent so that our leaders can continue with unchecked power. We saw the start of it in Nevada but there were too many cameras. This time they’ve been much smarter, and that’s something we should all be worried about.

Neither Connors nor the representative for Operation American Spring returned requests for comment.

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