No Need To Work Under Obama’s Welfare Reform

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E.T. Williams is known for verbally destroying Obama and liberal talking points. In this video he takes on Obama’s reforms to the welfare system and explains why the changes make it so that just about anybody can take advantage of it now.

Williams actually calls Bill Clinton the “first black president,” then explains how at least under Clinton there was incentives to get back to work. With the executive orders from Obama, those incentives were taken away and created perpetual welfare leeches, something Williams believes is to “purposefully destroy the American economy.”

Calling Obama a “dictator,” Williams explains some of the executive orders that have been signed that give the president basically absolute power over the nation. He then describes what is constituted as “work” under the reformed welfare system, which is laughable at best.

In all, it’s a great summary as to why it seems as if the welfare state is ever expanding. After all, under Obama there’s been more people who have collected government benefits than there are people working, that’s got to say something.  With what was explained it’s no wonder there’s rampant abuse of the system, there’s zero incentive to give it up.

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