Lioness Makes AMAZING Mid-Air Kill

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In an incredible feat of nature’s acrobats, a lioness showed her dedication to the kill as she jumped off a ridge in pursuit of her prey. While mid-air however, the lioness was able to sink in her claws and bring its victim in for the kill.

Video of the incident was caught on camera as several folks were on an African safari. Watching the hunters stalk their prey, the lionesses start to move in for the kill.

As one antelope gets spooked and makes its way up a ridge, you can imagine its surprise to find two female lions just waiting. The scared horned animal makes a daring leap in an effort to avoid the beasts, but its ploy is ineffective as a different feline leaps off the ridge along with it.


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Mid-air, the lioness is able to sink its claws into the antelope as they both crash to the ground where the predators carry out their swift and effective kill. The lions are then seen dragging their prize back up the ridge where they can enjoy their well earned meal in peace.

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