Martial Law Preparations Being Made, Something BIG Is Coming

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In the times we live in, government is increasing by the day along with the national debt and the public’s disapproval of the government. Separate these things may be more or less benign, but together, they create quite the volatile predicament.

On one hand, you have the government wishing to remain in control as they creep ever closer to an outright tyranny. On the other you have an American people who wish to remain free and are willing to fight to ensure the survival of our forefather’s vision.

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Sadly however, it seems that as the sheep have been lying dormant, the government is well on its way to beating American’s to the punch when it comes down to a civil uprising. In an effort to squash any and all opposition, the government has created mock American towns that they have trained in, and run simulations regarding such an instance.

Allowing for the government to swoop in and dominate through force before a movement would even have the time to snowball into something bigger, it appears, the future has long been in the sights of the American government.

According to a video that listed the aforementioned town, it also references the numerous bankers who miraculously just committed suicide around the same time and speculated that the government silenced, what could have been, potential whistleblowers regarding a catastrophic economic collapse.

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Along with these bankers, the video notes that over 40 Senators and Representatives took an early, and unexpected, retirement as if they were getting out before it was too late. It eventually asks, “What do these Congress men and women know that WE don’t know?”

What do you guys think – could the government be preparing for a civil uprising, or is this just more conspiracy nonsense? Feel free to watch the entire video and leave us your thoughts on the matter below.

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