Iran Now Threatening America With “Suicide Missions”

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Iran has become a nation known to blow more hot air than anything else and its newest claims are no different. Announcing a new strategy, Iran has recently threatened the U.S. Navy with “suicide missions.”

The report comes in an article out of Iran’s state-run media where it declares that the country will, “not allow the U.S. to act against it from its bases in the Persian Gulf countries.” It later goes on to warn America to make sure, “not to cause a flare-up in the region because they know that they will lose any potential conflict with Iran.”

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So how exactly are they so sure that they will defeat one of the world’s leading super powers?

According to Iranian Naval Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, Iran is constantly evolving its military tactics and training its forces on its most up-to-date and effective procedures. Furthermore, the Commander conveys that Iran, “compensates for its technological inferiority to the United States with a strategy of asymmetrical warfare, including suicide attacks and the use of speedboat and its missile capability.”

Speaking about America’s use of drones and its superior technology, Fadavi relayed that, “these weapons are ineffective against a new [Iranian] strategy relying on faith, on a desire for martyrdom, and on [Iran’s] unique speedboats.”

Of course the Commander also couldn’t help but flex his muscle a bit while he noted that, “We want to drill operational and tactical operations of attacking an aircraft carrier.” He went on to say, “The Americans do not know most of the details, and their research institutes have presented very rough data regarding the scale models of aircraft carriers that we are building,” and added that they have the ability to sink such a craft, “within 50 seconds.”

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Further stating his intentions, he explained, “The Americans and the rest of the world know that one of the IRGC navy’s operational goals is to destroy the U.S. Navy.” Fadavi concluded by mentioning, “The American aircraft carriers, which are the symbol of American military might, are under full oversight of the IRGC.”

So what do you guys think – is this threat one to be taken seriously, or just another blowhard from the Iranian government trying to make a name for himself? Let us know in the comments below.

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