Judge Threatens Deadbeat Dad With Jail If He Has Any More Kids

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A judge from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has told a man that if he has any more children that he’ll likely face jail time as a result since he’s been unable to pay for the ones he has.

However the caveat to this ruling is that if he pays what he owes, which is currently around $100,000, he can have as many children as he wants.

The decision was released Monday, even though the order was given a year ago, and didn’t give a thorough explanation on the legality of the order against Asim Taylor. However two of the three judges wrote about it and said without a copy of the pre-sentence report completed by the county Adult Probation Department they couldn’t examine the virtue of the order placed against him.

(Professional Deadbeat Dad Has 25 Kids With 15 Women, Won’t Pay Child Support)

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“Indeed, we have little to go on other than what the trial court said in its journal entries, which is itself limited,” Judge Carla Moore wrote in the majority decision. “We therefore have no choice in this case but to presume the regularity of the community control sanctions and to affirm.”…

Given Taylor’s previous inability to pay child support for the children he already has, the remaining judge on the panel said that he believed the order made sense.

“Where, as here, the defendant has demonstrated a long-term refusal to support multiple children by multiple women notwithstanding his ability to work and contribute something for their care, an anti-procreation condition is reasonably related to future criminality,” Carr wrote. “Taylor has here demonstrated that he is not inclined to support any of his children. There is no reason to believe that he would be inclined to support any future children.”

Similar cases have been overturned in the past, however they didn’t give the defendant a chance to pay their retribution and continue to procreate, bummer. So this could still be overturned, but with any kind of luck such actions gain momentum and we can finally start putting an end to deadbeat fathers knocking up random women and forcing the taxpayers to pay for it.


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