Blacks Burn White Families House Down In Dangerous Hate Crime

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Despite countless African Americans crying out for public support in an effort to rid our nation of racism, it seems the worst offenders, are themselves. Recently a black group decided to try and burn down a white family’s house, with children inside, because of an ongoing feud.

Jennifer Chitwood has had trouble on the neighborhood for quite some time as she explains that the issues really began back around last Thanksgiving. During that time, she returned home to two thieves walking out from her residence while carrying her flat screen TV. The boy’s dropped it and ran away – so Chitwood called the police.

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Just two weeks later, the woman’s house was hit again by the same group where Chitwood explains, “We took my daughter to school and back, and they were going around my house with my flat screens.” Once again, she called police, who this time were actually able to identify and arrest a 16-year-old boy.

From there, the situation became increasingly volatile.

According to Chitwood, “They don’t like you calling the police on them. They said, ‘If you guys call the police we’re coming back for you.’ Every time I walk down the street I get called names by girls and guys. (They say), ‘You’re the one that called police on my brother. You’re the one that put my cousin in jail.’”

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Monday night however, the black group took the fight to a whole new level as the harassment started once again where she describes the boys were, “jumping in and out of my yard, throwing things at my window.”

Then, “they started throwing flares, and kicking my door.” Chitwood, her 4-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son were able to get out of a house as they crawled out a window that lead to the back yard before it set on fire.

A mere three hours later, the fire was reported where it engulfed the house and destroyed all of the family’s belongings. Since that time, Thaddeus Shields, 18 and another 17-year-old male have been arrested for the crimes but police believe there are more arrests to be made yet.

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Yet another story you probably won’t hear from the reliable and tolerant mainstream media.

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