Obama Voter Now Asks “What Have We Done?”

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In a video that perfectly sums up the sour taste left in American’s mouths after not only electing Obama on the promise of hope and change once, but twice, one YouTube user hits the nail on the head. After expressing how she thought Obama would be giving away free money and homes to blacks, she now questions “what have we done?”

Of course, the video isn’t meant to be real as the woman is actually releasing a satire video showing how ridiculous blacks looked when they first relayed their expectations now that Obama is president. However, the woman, over the course of the minute long video, came to the startlingly discovery that Obama was actually promising to create jobs.

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She then asked if that meant she wasn’t going to be receiving her government checks any longer and started to reevaluate her decision. Asking if it was, “too late to vote for the white guy,” the hard hitting realization sinks in as she questions, “what have we done?”

So what do you guys think – is the portion America who voted for Obama having buyer’s remorse? Let us know what you think in a comment below.

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