White Dude Tries To Sell Kool Aid In The Ghetto, Not A Smart Idea

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Most pranks are harmless and don’t really hurt anybody, unless of course they’re a touch on the sensitive side that is. A dude trying to sell Kool Aid in the ghetto happened to find that person.

His exact location is unknown, however he’s on the corner of Prospect Street. He’s selling packages of the fruity grape drink for $.25 to anyone willing to buy them.

At first he seems to have good luck, and people as well as kids are purchasing the packets from him, actually seeming rather thankful he’s selling them. However one random guy comes along and doesn’t take too kindly to the dude’s fundraising efforts.

The man at first seemed amused, but after seeing the setup and what was going on he immediately called the white guy racist, then proceeded to knock everything off his table. Even though the guy selling the Kool Aid tried to explain what was going on, the man got very physical with him and was threatening to give him an ass whooping.

The video ends before we see whether or not the incident became anymore violent, however it’s probably safe to assume that had it gotten worse the video wouldn’t have cut out.

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