Obama’s America? Massive Brawl Breaks Out In The Hood

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Here we have an excellent example of how those who live in low income areas tend to behave when they’re angry or upset at something. For most of us, a disagreement means that we engage the other person and talk through whatever the issue happens to be, however that’s definitely not the case in this video.

It starts out with a group of thuggish looking people crowding around an apartment that appears to be a housing project of sorts. The men repeatedly try to enter the home with little success until the occupants leave the door open long enough to slip a foot in.

The men outside charge inside the home, which obviously isn’t theirs, then begin to harass and assault the people inside. It’s unclear why exactly the brawl started, however once the men made their way into the apartment the people inside weren’t having any of it.

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They all start fighting each other inside the home, with yelling and hollering and those who aren’t fighting egging the others on.

Eventually the brawl makes its way back outside, where there’s more hollering and shouting, and then the women get involved. Once that happens things really seem to erupt and all hell breaks loose.

The only reason the brawl even ended is because someone apparently called the police on the men who initially forced their way into the home, causing them to scatter like rats.

It’s often said, but how can people who behave in such a manner blame others for their actions? This is one of many examples from across the nation of people behaving like savages instead of civilized human beings who are willing to be civil towards one another, yet this very topic never makes its way to the national dialogue out of fear of offending someone or being called racist.

The fact of the matter is that there are certain standards that are expected out of people’s behavior, which isn’t a racial thing but a human thing. We need to stop letting people think they can behave however they and without repercussion, otherwise things really will never change.

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