Syrian Rebels Detonate 60 Ton Tunnel Bomb

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Syrian rebels – or terrorists – have taken to WWI style tactics in order to adapt their guerilla warfare tactics.  Recently recorded was a massive explosion that resulted from a 60 ton bomb buried far beneath a Syrian military base that has been released for propaganda purposes.

The explosion took place at the Wadi al-Deif base after an Islamic brigade dug a 2,800 ft tunnel underneath the base and filled it with explosives. Although the causality numbers have yet to be released, the Islamic Front commander said the explosion will help rebel forces take over the base.

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According to the commander, the base has been used on several occasions as a base of operations for Syrian military forces as they have, in the past, carried out raids in the surrounding province of Idlib.

“Another attack like this and we won’t even need to move in to take the base,” the commander noted under the promise of anonymity. He further shared that if they are able to fully secure the base, they would have full control over the region, all the way to the Turkey border.


Earlier this week, we reported of a similar instance in which the Syrian terrorists used a tunnel bomb to take out a hotel in Aleppo last week. This style of attack has been revived from WWI tactics as expert miners used to do the same during trench warfare.

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They would tunnel though no man’s land and below the enemy trenches where they would place explosives. Once set off, forces would take advantage of the chaos and storm the enemy trenches in hopes to take it over.

What do you guys think – is this innovative, or does it just go to show how uncivilized Muslim terrorists really are? Let us know in a comment below.

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