Shocking Video Showing The Marxist Indoctrination Of Children In School

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A shocking video has been released from the “white privilege” conference held for educators across the country.

Held in Madison, Wisconsin in late March, the conference was called “Examining White Privilege and Building Foundations for Social Justice Thinking in the Elementary Classroom.”

It was led by a pair of teachers, Rosemary Colt and Diana Reeves and was nothing more than a brainwashing festival designed to make people feel guilty for being white. Not only that, but it taught them how to make their students, some still in elementary school, feel guilty for being white as well.

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The concepts taught there are straight out of the progressive playbook and seems to have very little basis in reality. Teaching children that the Constitution doesn’t work equally for everyone and everyone who is white is privileged aren’t things that should be taught in schools.

It’s scary to think that these people are actually in charge “educating” our children, when they’re espousing such radical beliefs as factual information. One look at this video blows the idea that children aren’t being indoctrinated at school right out of the water.

What happened to when only factual information was taught to children? Isn’t it up to the parents to be teaching these types of things, if they want to?

This sort of gives new meaning to “it takes a village.” In progressive speak, that means you’re children are ours, and this is the proof.

Do you want your children taught this nonsense? Let us know with a comment!

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