Thief With Pliers Gets Taken Down By Unarmed Clerk

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Nothing says you’re about to make a good decision like fueling up with a bit of cocaine and booze before going out for a cigarette run. Well, that’s exactly what a Michigan couple did before trying to rob a convenience store for a carton of smokes.

Needless to say however, things didn’t exactly go to plan.

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Frederick Coble and Christina Borcea walked into an Ann Arbor, Michigan convenience store where they found the cashier’s booth entirely empty. As the attendant was in the back, near the coolers, the couple began removing several packs of cigarettes.

Unfortunately for them however, the cashier came back up to the front of the store and caught the two in the act where they played it off as if they were intending to pay for the packs. As they played out their act, it wasn’t long before Coble pulled out a pair of pliers and lunged at the cashier.


This though, didn’t work out too well for the intoxicated crook as the cashier was able to take him down with ease – so hard in fact that the thug couldn’t get back up to his feet. As the attendant went to call the police, Borcea ran over to her boyfriend and tried to get him back up, but soon discovered that this wasn’t going to become a reality any time soon.

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Instead, she emptied the cash from the drawer, grabbed a couple packs of cigarettes and made for the door without her significant other- nothing says infatuating love like abandonment after all. Coble was later able to make his way vertical and hobble out the store past all the money that Borcea dropped on the way out.

Police were later able to identify the couple who were later promptly arrested. Let us know what you thought of this in a comment below.

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