Thug Beats Down Cop While People Standby And Watch

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A Philadelphia transit officer attempted to detain a man who was suspected of running a ticket scam when things took a horrible turn for the worst. The man attacked the officer in the subway, pinning him between a glass wall and a bench while onlookers did nothing to help.

Police said that the crowd of at least seven people didn’t call 911 and the only women who even took out her phone did so in order to record the fight.

“You know my immediate thought was ‘Shame on you — why don’t you use that phone to call 911?’” Transit police Chief Thomas Nestel said.

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Fortunately for the cop, a nearby cashier noticed what was happening and called police who came and assisted their fellow officer.

According to reports, a similar incident happened at the same subway station the week prior, where two plain clothed officers got into a scuffle and nobody assisted.

According to the chief, the officer was out of commission for quite some time because of the attack.

It’s hard to believe that not a single person tried to help to officer. Even if you’re not a fan of the police, it’s still a fellow human being who needs help.

So much for the “city of brotherly love.”

Would you have assisted or let it go to see what happened? Let us know with a comment!

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