Thug Stabs Elderly Man Unprovoked

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Recent footage has surfaced on the web showing just how dangerous this world has become. Seemingly minding his own business, an elderly man was savagely stabbed several times for no reason.

The video starts out by showing 64-year-old Geoffrey Franklin walking down the road, cane in hand, with 40-year-old James Atkinson in tow. At this point it is unclear the brief exchange the two had prior to the assault, but Franklin showed no signs of aggression as he kept on his way.

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Atkinson however became quite agitated and swung around Franklin’s front where he began his gut churning assault. The thug reportedly stabbed the elderly man 6-8 times then penetrated so deep it left Franklin’s intestines protruding.

Since that time, Franklin has expressed that he is, “lucky to be alive,” and Atkinson was sentenced to 14 years in the big house. Judge Paul Darlow even went so far as to explain during his sentencing that Atkinson would not be released until he was no longer a threat to society, a reality he explained, hadn’t come to pass yet a whole three years later.

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