Coming Soon: Active Shooter Simulators In Gun Stores

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For those who have never served in the military, or have even been on tour, it’s hard to find anything that would get you the necessary experience for dealing with a real-life gunman situation. Fortunately for a large portion of gun owners that haven’t dealt with combat, gun stores are starting to offer the experience through active shooter simulators.

The first store to try their luck with such a device is Empowered Firearms in Vista, California. They claim their simulator is, “like the police use for weapons training,” except its open to the public.

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The store owner, LeAnne Farmer, recently expressed to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “We are passionate about training people who own a firearm.” She went on to convey that her simulator, “fills a need for people to improve their skills.”

Empowered Firearms currently has two simulators – one for handguns and the other for shotguns. According to Farmer, the simulations are quite diverse as the handgun simulator, “has more than 450 scenarios,” alone.

Furthermore, Farmer explained that customers, “can shoot at stationary targets or choose scenarios like home invasion or active shooter in public setting. They can take on a gang of well-armed marauding thugs in city alleys or fire on attacking zombies.”

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All this at a cool price of $70 an hour – who wouldn’t give this a shot (no pun intended)?

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