Wannabe Thug Gets Pounded Into The Pavement After Starting Trouble

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There’s nothing better than watching a wannabe thug get his ass handed to him, is there? That’s exactly what happened in this video too.

The fight takes place in a parking lot in Arizona, and the thug is apparently a rapper who goes by the name Terence Taylor. Boy does he ever get it too.

He starts out prancing around yelling expletives at the pair of truck drivers in a gas station parking lot. He continues with his antics while the truck driver doesn’t appear to be backing down.

At one point, the rapper walks up to the camera and declares he’s from New York, which makes him extra hard or something. After that he approaches the driver and starts swinging at him, a move I’m sure he regretted after the fact.

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Thug loses

The driver takes him to the ground then manages to get on top of him. Once that happens it’s straight ground ‘n pound from there, with the driver literally beating the rapper senseless until he decides he’s given a thorough enough beating.

When the scene clears the rapper is laying on the ground, wondering what the hell just happened to him because his world got rocked.

Every now and again it’s a good thing for the arrogant to be humbled, unfortunately for them it can be a hard lesson to learn. Just ask Terence.

Apparently the rapper has decided to either bring suit against the driver or press charges, as he tweeted about a court date involving the fight as you’ll see below.

So did he get what he deserved? Let us know with a comment!

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