OUTRAGE: Hearing This Welfare Queen Will Make Your Blood BOIL

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There’s no question that our nation’s social welfare programs are subjected to widespread abuse, regardless of what our liberal friends would like to tell us. The woman who called into an Austin, TX radio program let us know just how they’re engineered to perpetually keep people on them, and it’s enough to make your blood boil.

“Lucy” called into KLBJ New Radio and explained why it is she doesn’t work. Amongst other reasons, she feels that work is “stupid” when she has the government just handing her money.

The crux of her argument is that she doesn’t like how people attack her for taking handouts based on morality reasons. In her opinion, what she’s doing would be the same as if someone were to hand one of us a million dollars, only for her it’s not a lump sum and is spread out over time, seriously.

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She explained that she’s a second generation welfare recipient and her parents collected it as well. However rather than instill good work ethics and solid morals into her three state-sponsored children, she said she’s going to let them decide for themselves whether or not they want to go on welfare and stay there.

Perhaps her only shining moment was where she said that if her welfare was cut off then “maybe” she would consider working, otherwise she really doesn’t feel like she should have to. Part of the reason for not feeling she should work is because the people who run the welfare programs push her into other free money schemes and punish her if she even tries to work, which really only perpetuates the situation.

She said her husband doesn’t really work either except for only part time here and there for extra cash. Otherwise he’s content with just staying home and milking the taxpayers of their hard earned money.

When pressed on why she doesn’t feel guilty about taking other people’s money she again drew the analogy of someone handing you a million dollars and asked if you would say no. However she refused to actually acknowledge that the money she gets is taken from people like us who actually hav to work to earn it.

This is a great example of Obama’s America, plain and simple. There’s a reason that more people collect government handouts than actually work, and it’s the attitude of people like this woman who feel entitled to other people’s money just because they were born.

Are you enraged? Because I’m about to break my keyboard after listening to this!

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