Liberals Now Claim Abortion Saves Lives

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Extracting a child from the womb has been reduced to nothing more than a simple choice – or so Liberals would have us think. According to their most recent claims however, abortions aren’t only just really cool anymore, they also save lives.

According to statistics, 30 babies each day die on the day in which they’re born here in the United States. This fact has since been attributed to our broken healthcare system being that it doesn’t offer everyone, everything they need absolutely free.

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Along with this, America also suffers from an epidemic of premature deaths of infants. This is mostly on account of teen pregnancies as younger mothers (a.k.a. children) don’t have healthcare coverage to ensure a full term pregnancy.

Huffington Post recently wrote, “About half of pregnancies in the U.S. each year are unintended, and for those women who carry their pregnancies to term (more than half do), the prognosis is anything but great.”

Here’s where our tolerant friends take a dive off the deep end.

According to the Washington Post:

“The United States is one of just eight countries to see a rise in maternal mortality over the past decade, said researchers for the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington in a study published in The Lancet, a weekly medical journal. The others are Afghanistan, Greece, and several countries in Africa and Central America.”

“The researchers estimated that 18.5 mothers died for every 100,000 births in the U.S. in 2013, a total of almost 800 deaths. That is more than double the maternal mortality rate in Saudi Arabia and Canada, and more than triple the rate in the United Kingdom.”

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Now here’s where the life saving takes place – those 800 lives, could have been saved if they simply just had an abortion in the first place. Forget about the fact that the stats don’t list how many of these mother’s die because of foreseeable complications, we’re just going to have to accept that those 800-lives-per-year fall directly at the feet of those that oppose abortion.

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