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An officer from the Plano Police Department conducted a routine traffic stop where he pulled a man over for an expired registration. What happened as a result is something that you’ll rarely ever hear, but it was definitely a good thing.

The officer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, asked Hayden Carlo why his vehicle registration was past due.

Carlo chose to be honest with the officer and explained to him that it was either feed his children or pay to have his tags renewed.

“There’s no explanation for why I haven’t done it, except I don’t have the money,” Carlo said. “It was either feed my kids or get my registration done.”

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The officer didn’t show Carlo any mercy when issuing a citation for the registration, however when Carlo opened it he was greeted with a heart-warming surprise.

“I opened it up and there’s a $100 bill,” he said. “I broke down in my car. What else could I do?”

Being truly benevolent, the officer never said a word to anyone about what he had done because he wasn’t looking for recognition for it. However Carlo’s grandfather, Billy McIntyre, was so moved by the officer’s actions he penned an email to the department about it.

“I get emotional when we talk about this type of thing,” McIntire said. “You just don’t find that many officers who would do this type of thing.”

The department spokesman, David Tilley, said “He basically told me he felt this man needed it more than him and it was the right thing to do.”

“You just don’t find that many officers who would do this type of thing.”

The officer has till chosen to remain unidentified, however his coworkers will be honoring his act of kindness anyways.

Because of the officer’s kind gesture, Carlo was able to afford to get both his and his wife’s vehicle registered again.

“He helped me out when I needed it and I appreciate that,” Carlo said. “I’ll never forget that man. It definitely restored my faith in God.”

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