Clueless Hillary Supporter Lists Benghazi As Her Greatest Accomplishment

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In yet another video showing just how degraded society has become as progressive agenda further infects the minds of today’s youth, several outspoken Hillary Clinton supporters failed to list just one major accomplishment of the presidential hopeful. One such supporter even went so far to stretch for an answer as suggesting that the way she handled the Benghazi issue was one of the top contenders.

Showing just how clueless the majority of Hillary supporters are, and how far brainwashed they’ve become by the mains stream media, PJTV’s Michelle Fields took to the streets. Fields first lured in her victims by asking them to swoon over Hillary Clinton and explain why she’d make a great next president.

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Of course, the answer was predominately the fact that she’s a woman and how that’d be just so “awesome.” Saying that they were ready for a, “new, fresh face,” to reside in the White House, Fields then asked what Clinton’s greatest accomplishment was during her time as Secretary of Defense.

Seeing how this was a major political role of Hillary’s the question is valid as it is most likely indicative of what her time spent as President would look like.

Prepare for the overwhelming urge to slam your face down on your desk to flush over your body as you hear the responses – you have been warned.

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Needless to say, almost all of the interviewees struggled to come up with even one answer as they all of a sudden, weren’t, “so up to date on politics.” Others, in an attempt to sound more enlightened than they really were suggested that there’s just too many and that no one was good enough to call her greatest.

The worst offender however was a man who decided that the way in which Hillary handled the Benghazi issue was by far her greatest feat. The man referred to Hillary as, “remarkably adept” before agreeing that Benghazi was in fact, her greatest accomplishment.

I have to say however that I may agree with him – seeing how she did just about diddly while she occupied the position, the one happening when she was in office becomes her greatest accomplishment by default (and also her worst mishap).

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Either way, Benghazi, in no way, should ever be referred to as an accomplishment. Hillary Clinton is a lying snake who deceives to benefit no one but herself and the fact that she sleeps soundly at night while four brave Americans rest six feet under because of her incompetence, is nothing short of disgusting.

For that man to suggest that Benghazi was an accomplishment is despicable and just goes to show how sickeningly brainwashed, today’s society has become. Let us know your thoughts on this in a comment below.


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