Pentagon Okays Gender Treatment For U.S. Traitor

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Usually it’s thought that prisoners lose all rights after being punished to jail time, but that may not be the case. Government document leaker Pvt. Bradley Manning has been given the primary okay to be transferred from military prison to a civilian prison where he will undergo gender treatment.

The former soldier that now goes by the name Chelsea has requested hormone treatment and even gender reassignment surgery. As the military doesn’t allow transgender people in, the decision was quite difficult as top level officials describe.

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According to Al Jazeera, “Some officials have said privately that keeping the soldier in a military prison and unable to have treatment could amount to cruel and unusual punishment.”


Although the plan is no where set in stone, it appears as though the military has officially decided to go through with Manning’s request. Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby recently announced, “No decision to transfer Private Manning to a civilian detention facility has been made, and any such decision will, of course, properly balance the soldier’s medical needs with our obligation to ensure she remains behind bars.”

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Having a military prisoner transferred to a civilian prison is nothing new as the government usually transfers around 15-20 prisoners every year in order to make room. Manning’s transfer is being looked at more of a human rights issue as he has been diagnosed, on several occasions, as gender dysphoria – “the sense of being a woman in a man’s body.”

However, several aren’t so ecstatic to hear the news – after all why should taxpayers be forced to fund the gender reassignment of a traitor? Let us know what you think of this in a comment below.

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