Blair Witch? Two Campers Capture Creepy Image After Strange Sounds

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A pair of women were camping in the woods near Bristol and got the fright of their lives, only to find a ghostly picture on their camera the following morning.

Lola Swan and Kate Channon set up camp in Leigh Woods but said as the night progressed they became afraid of strange noises they kept hearing in the area. They ended up deserting their campsite and heading home, only to find the spooky image on their phone the next day.

The “ghost” appeared in the woods behind their campsite, and a close-up of the image shows a human-like apparition that appears to have facial features within it.

The women said they kept hearing brush rattling and twigs breaking around the, They also said that their hammer went missing and that they heard a child’s voice in the woods.

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The next morning 28-year-old Swan was scrolling through the photos on her phone from the previous night and noticed the apparition.

“I immediately threw the phone to the ground. I knew we were being watched and that picture proves it,” she said.

“During the night we heard the sounds of what can be only described as people walking around. Twigs and branches were cracking and breaking, like footsteps on the forest ground.”

The women felt as if they were being watched all night, and at one point Channon whistled out and something actually whistled back to her. They said that once the hammer was gone and they heard the child’s voice at 1 am that it was the “final straw.”

“After midnight it all got too scary and, in our panic and fear, we packed up our tent and got the hell out of there, Swan said.

The girls have likened their camping experience to that of the Blair Witch Project, although didn’t say if they would be camping in the area again or not.

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