“Tolerant” Liberal Throws Slushie At Anti-Gay Protester

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Another video is circulating the web showing the one sided nature of Liberal tolerance. While voicing her opinion against homosexuals – which is covered under the First Amendment – a woman had a slushie thrown at her by a disgusted Liberal.

Despite whether or not views are held by everyone, each ideal is to be respected as the individual has the right to feel however they please. That being said, this kind of action is just what we’ve come to expect from the party of tolerance.

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Holding a sign that read, “Thank your mom today for not being gay,” a woman was simply standing by the side of the street when a woman came up and sloshed her with a slushie. It’s is unclear as to whether or not she filed charges – as she previously noted that police were on the way because the assailants boyfriend had been previously harassing her – but splashing someone with a beverage as to do that person harm or out of prejudice could be construed as assault which holds a 3-month jail sentence.

Tolerance is only granted from the left for things that align with their political agenda, yet is demanded in every aspect for those who simply register Democrat.

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