Vigilante In Wheelchair Foils Robbery

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An amazing video is making its rounds about the web as it shows a man in a wheelchair who bravely put an end to an attempted convenience store robbery.

The incident occurred in a Vancouver convenience store where cashier Cindy Grewal was approached by a man who demanded she give him the cash in the register. In an astounding act of courage, a man in a wheelchair, Larry Skopnik, enters the frame and springs into action.

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Skopnik is seen latching onto the back of the burglar and dragging him to the floor. Of course, not having the use of his legs to aid him, the vigilante goes toppling to the floor along with the thief, but that doesn’t stop Skopnik.


Soon, several other people in the store join in on detaining the man, where one person is even seen coming over with a “wet floor” sign and beating the robber with it. The police were eventually called where they took the criminal away.

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