Liberal Attempts ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ On Legal CCP Holder

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The anti-gun crusaders are really starting to get out of hand with their hoplophobic antics, and this video is a great example of that.

The man shooting the video is a photographer who was at a protest to cover what was going on. The location and type of the protest are unclear, however it’s definitely a major metropolitan area judging by the city bus in the background.

The video starts with the man asking the guy he’s filming to “say that again?” Apparently prior to rolling film, the curly haired man threatened to place him under “citizen’s arrest” for legally carrying his concealed firearm.

“This man has a weapon!” The curly haired man yells.

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As they continue a person out of view yells back “Second Amendment!” and others join in with correcting the curly haired man who obviously just hates guns.

When pressed on the issue of selectively supporting rights, the curly haired man seemed to be at a loss for words. Which isn’t surprising considering such logic is flawed and there’s truly no explaining why some rights are okay but others aren’t.

His reply? “You make me feel uncomfortable.”

The man shooting the video said that he’s run into this same guy several times, and the description of the video read:

“As a photographer, I run into this guy at every protest. He is quite a douche bag. He absolutely HATES firearms and feels they should be outlawed. He is not afraid to use his First Amendment rights to try to squash Second Amendment rights. This guy actually had the audacity to demand my “permit,” my ID and inform me I was under citizen arrest. Of course, I laughed and started rolling video.”

Sounds like the guy he was filming was just another gun-fearing liberal looking to stomp on the rights of others. That’s not tolerance or acceptance, it’s infringement on people’s natural right to protect themselves as guaranteed by our constitution simply because of an irrational fear of an inanimate object.

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