Justin Bieber Accused Of Attempted Robbery

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In yet another tell tale sign demonstrating that Justin Bieber is a hazard to society, he has recently taken to physical violence and robbery in another one of his adult-sized temper tantrums.

Justin was reportedly having a good time out at a local Los Angeles mini-golf park where he allegedly became irritated at another bunch of guys when a mother, with her daughter in tow, whipped out her phone to snap a pic. Bieber reportedly stormed over to the woman, forcibly grabbed onto her purse, reached inside and took out her cell phone.

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The star was said to have been looking for any photos that the woman may have took so that he could delete them. As the man child conducted his illegal behavior, he was only cut short after he had scared the little child so bad that she screamed out of fear.

Bieber then returned the phone and stormed off.

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The Los Angeles police department is currently investigating the incident, but Bieber is yet to be arrested or even questioned. When will America say enough is enough of this kid and deport him so that his home government can babysit him?

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