Medic Patches Up Sniper Terrorist Who Shot Him Just Moments Before

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If you had been shot square in the chest and survived, would you attend to the man who had fired upon you if he became injured just moments later? Despite the video being a few years old, the story has just come out demonstrating exactly why we call our American soldiers heroes.

As we’ve seen in the past, Muslim terrorists love to record their attacks on camera so that the footage can be used later for propaganda purposes. This just so happened to be the case as the camera clicks on with an American Humvee being scoped out along with a sole American soldier.

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As it turns out, these particular Muslims had modified a van to use as a portable sniper nest in which they had used to target American soldiers around the streets of Baghdad. The insurgents were targeting U.S. Army medic, SPC Tschiderer, and were able to plant a 7.62x54mm SVD round square into his chest.

Tschiderer hit the floor like a bag of potatoes and the terrorists began praising Allah for their kill. Unfortunately for them – and luckily for Tschiderer – the round hit his chest plate and wasn’t able to penetrate leaving the soldier stunned, but alive.


He gets back up, scoots around to the backside of the Humvee and begins directing the turret gunner as to where the shot came from.

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Then the fun starts.

Two other Humvee’s roll into view and take chase of the van after it was identified by Tschiderer. The insurgents become vocally distressed before they start up the van and attempt to flee. Their luck however was about to run out.

The turret gunner of the pursuing Humvee opened fire, putting the vehicle out of commission as well as hitting a few of the insurgents in the vehicle. The terrorists hopped out of the van, and tried to run on foot but were quickly captured as American soldiers simply followed the blood trail.

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As it turns out, the sniper who had just shot Tschiderer was one of the men injured who the medic soldier personally was able to apprehend. The hero then was noted to administer life saving care to the man who had just tried to take his life moments before.

What an amazing story – let us know what you guys think of this in a comment below.

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